Why I Started a Blog

My husband Brian and I started to get to that “have it all” stage and then we said to ourselves “now what?”. We had extremely busy lives working 40+ hours a week making someone else wealthy, had a beautiful house, 1 child and another on the way, lots of friends and hobbies and yet we were still unsatisfied.

I started buying books on the topic of homesteading and self sufficiency, reading articles, joining groups and watching you tube videos and we were hooked. There is a HUGE community of people out there homesteading that we didn’t even know existed and it is really motivating. It was like all of a sudden life made sense. There are even people making money from homesteading, sharing their successes and failures, educating others, farming and simply sharing their path to self sufficiency. And luckily, homesteading is something where there is no end result, you are not judged on how well or how much you do, it can be as important to the individual doing it or not.

I was just thinking back to all the things we have learned, researched, practiced, thought about and we have actually done a ton of things in the past 2 years to help us prepare to dive into this lifestyle full time, it was kind of liberating recalling all the things we have learned and I will list and share those things in future posts. And basically that was the motivation behind starting this blog, which was to document and share all the things we have and will continue to learn.  If it can motivate someone to think outside the box, learn that there is an alternative to the mundane grind of conventional living and that this simple thing called Homesteading is doable, then it is all worth it. But whether no one reads this or others find value in what we share, we are starting this blog as a record and a manifestation of our goals and accomplishments in our homesteading life.

We hope you follow along on our journey.


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  1. McKenna says:

    I’m reading it! 🙂 This posts is very relatable. I’m the one still working 40 hour weeks in town, but just taking the steps to get started and realizing there’s an alternative to the rat-race is so liberating.

    1. When I first stumbled upon homesteading it was such a relief to know that there are different ways you can live your life. It was been life changing to realize that all the things I had been yearning for was just a simpler life. That’s awesome that you are on the same path and working towards your goals, everyone can just start where you are and there is no course or certificate you need to do so, it’s all up to you! I will definitely follow along your journey as well 🙂

      1. McKenna says:

        I’ve found that my anxiety and stress levels are already way lower, and I’m still working my ‘in town’ job. It’s amazing what just slowing down and getting more in touch with the environment can bring!

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