Can you Farm on 1 Acre?


After a recent shift in Mr. Worthy’s employment future (major slow down of service work) he is feeling inspired to start his own plumbing company. He would be amazing as an entrepreneur because he has the people skills and the drive to get it off the ground and I would be an asset for all the background stuff like accounting, marketing and web/graphics so it could really be a great thing BUT we would have to stay put here in Alberta.

We LOVE Alberta, and have been really hard searching and trying to stay here but the price of land has always been holding us back because any type of land or acreage are just way out of budget for us.

However, we did find a really “cheap” property which is a reasonable distance for him to commute to the major city where most of his work would be done. Only issue is it is ONLY 1.5 acres AND with in the town limits. We are going to view the property tonight but it has gotten me thinking……..Can you really homestead on such a “small” property!? And when I say small it is going to seem GIGANTIC, compared to the postage stamp of a suburban lot we have now, but it would seem small in comparison to other established homesteaders out there.

The other issue is the “in town” thing……..I’m sure there are livestock restrictions but I am willing to go through the necessary channels with the town to hopefully get those altered. There are neighbours right next door BUT no one behind, just farmers fields and a gorgeous view of the mountains. It is also a major fixer upper but it has a ton of outbuildings and infrastructure there.

So back to can you do the homestead thing on one acre of land? I know I could have a wicked garden with all the land and no large buildings blocking the sun. And there would be tons of room for a large green house, and we would have lots of room to plant fruit trees EVERYWHERE. I think the issue might be my longing for livestock. I desperately want to get into dairy goats……….will there be enough room? Would the neighbours be on board? I know we could start a meat rabbit operation and have laying hens, I’m sure a rooster in town is a no-no. But maybe we could have a chicken tractor and some meat birds, there would be a large grass area for that. My husband is a hunter so we always have tons of red meat so that wouldn’t be an issue. Well there is a lot of our food covered…….OH and we could probably get some bee hives started at the back of the property.

Okay well after writing all of that the clear answer is………….HELL YES you can homestead on one acre of land. With careful planning I think it could be set up perfectly to help sustain our life. I bet we could even make a small profit maybe setting up a farmstand or something. Would it be our most ideal property…, however it would be a great stepping stone for us and would be small and manageable enough while Brian is in the early years of starting his company.

Well I guess I shouldn’t dream too hard until we go and see the property tonight but I will post some photos on my instagram feed later.

As always thank so much for stopping by and reading through my thoughts!



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  1. You sure can!. I’m homesteading right in the middle of the suburbs!

  2. And the best of luck to your husband and starting his own company!

    1. The Worthy Homestead says:

      Thank You!

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